The Greek Odyssey

After being in Asia for the best part of 6 months, I returned home to spend some time with my family and tell them my stories. This didn’t last too long… mum was not happy! I found a job online where I could pursue itching travelling feet and get paid for doing so… PERFECT! Time to be a tour guide…

Training was intense, early mornings and long nights learning all the material I would need to look after a group of people, and tell them about the places they were to be visiting. After 2 months travelling through Europe learning the history of Venice, Milan, Vienna and Prague, I finally got to the destination where I would be predominantly working… The Greek Islands.

Hopping from island to island for my job sounded great and I loved Greece and everything it had to offer, but I found myself in the same ‘boat’… I wasn’t enjoying the job itself. Getting everyone up early in the morning to catch the next ferry and staying up with everyone to show them the best bars to go to started taking its toll. There was a bar I used to take my guests to that always amazed me when I went and I decided to ask if they had any jobs for the summer – they did.

I promptly took the job the week after and started learning ‘the Greek style’ of cocktails and flair. Using fire to make drinks come alive and new cocktails that I had only seen on The Islands interested me and amazed customers who ordered them. Somehow I found myself for the third time working in a bar on another continent of the world.

All stories have a twist in the tale, and towards the end of my summer in Greece I was forced to return home after an accident on the beach. I was due to have an operation and would need time to recover… mum was happy again!

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