Don’t worry, not on that plane!

Finally home and with no choice but to stay as I had no money and unable to fly, I had to look for work. I decided to move to Nottingham in search of a job in the city, and once I was fit again, I started applying. I searched for anything and everything, but once again, came across a bar. It wasn’t open yet and they were looking for staff over the next couple of weeks.

I got the job and started working full time, I had only been working in bars for a couple of years but I was by far the most experienced member of the team. After the first month of work I was asked to design an intricate cocktail and drinks menu for the venue followed by a promotion to Assistant Manager. I throughly enjoyed seeing the look on peoples faces when they tried my concoctions from the menu that I had put together from my years travelling the globe.

I have since been the Manager of the venue for the past two years until I stepped down to pursue my own interests in cocktail mixology.

If you would like to know more about my adventures or hear some cocktail induced stories, please get in touch. Finally, I hope to see you at one of our Shake The Spirit events very soon and look forward to putting a smile on many more faces.

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